An IOS app produced to accompany the popular show “Money Bags” on Channel 4.

Moneybags is a fun quick fire trivia game designed to test your knowledge and your nerve!

Try your luck answering each question by picking up the correct moneybags. You’ll have to be quick grabbing the right bag as they move along the conveyor belt.

One million points are at stake every episode across four rounds. Grab the correct Moneybags to bank the most points and try to top the episode leader board. Be careful though as grabbing the wrong answers will cost you. New episodes are regularly released.

Hit the round target points to progress to the next round. Each round there are five correct Moneybags over two questions but who knows how many wrong ones! Watch out for the Bankrupt bag which means you lose everything or the Giveaway which means you have to give up your highest value bag.

New episodes are released regularly so come back for brand new questions and the chance to climb the leader board.

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