Brain Guzzler

Ever wondered what it would be like if you suddenly got cravings to guzzle delicious Brain matter? Ever wanted to cause complete carnage, terrorise the living, control the undead or even form a zombie chicken conga? Well, in Brain Guzzler you get to chow down in 'Chow Town'. Be prepared to get addicted to this skill based undead fest!

At the start of each level you change from human to zombie and suddenly develop an insatiable appetite to guzzle all other humans (and animals). The game works similar to the 70’s classic Snake and is just as addictive! The more humans you guzzle, the longer you’re chain of Zombies becomes. Use your chain of undead to wreak havoc over three towns, Brainington, Guzzleford and Guzzleborough smashing through military defences and guzzling every brain in sight...the zombie apocalypse has never been so much fun!

The End is Nigh Update!


We’ve literally ripped the guts out of the original version….

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